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Manual 6 color 6 station T shirt printer

Manual 6 color 6 station T shirt printer

Product Description:

Name: 6 colour 6 station Manual screen printing machine

Bed material: High-density wooden composite board

Structure: MS Iron

Station Handle: 6 No.

Color Handle: 6 No.

Adjustable Hight: Yes

Micro Adjustment: Yes

Changeable Bedplate: Yes

Colour handle connected with Plumer Bearing: Yes

Before and after moving of bedplate: 18 CM

Side movement of bedplate: .5 CM

Left and right moving of net frame: 20 CM

Chuck width: 10 CM

Move up and down: 4CM

weight :140kg

bedplate size :45.72*60.96cm

packaging size :68*54*26cm (With some Extra Packing)

It can be use for A4 & A3 paper print , in T-shirt, Invitation card, Jute or plastic carry bag and many more

  • More information about the product

    This manual T-Shirt screen printing press allows you to get the best value from limited project budgets. Designed for Medium and Big printing shops, whether it is for multi-colour or volume printing, this equipment can also take a medium-scale print load to High scale. For those who are just getting into the printing business, this can be their best starting point. Manufactured with highly durable materials, this equipment is designed to last. There is no maintenance needed once assembled.

    Our 6 Color 6 Station Double Rotary Screen Press can simultaneously install six-screen plates. The screen layer is able to rotate independently and the station can rotate independently, then it is available for Six colours’ overprinting and making progressive proofs.Hight of the machine is adjustable and micro-adjustment is there for high precition job and for complex picture. This machine is total adjustable that’s enable you to flexible operation.

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