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Based on the needs of the consumers and market, our company offer this kind of 1 color screen press with removable pallet, which is easy operated but with very low cost and is especially suitable for single color T-shirt printing.
By using this machine, with its removable pallet, you can print many images at the same time. Just put the substrate on the pallet, adjust the screen to a suitable position and then apply the first image printing. Then adjust the pallet to a suitable position for apply another image printing by moving it all around because the moveable pallet can be adjusted in every direction, from forward or backward to left or right, up and down. It's very easy and convenient.


About this item

  • Comparing with the original 4 color 1 station printer, this new type machine has a function of x-y axis semi micro registration.

  • In this machine 3 inches height adjustment is possible, and it can use for a long time with no rust.

  • Table Type and Combinatorial Design Saves Place and Convenient for Transportation. Print table can take huge pressures during print. 

  • This stand can perfectly hold the screen printing press, which will make the press more stable when printing. It will also floor slope adjustable knob.

  • Double registration locking system ensure your 100% good registration with all colour,

  • Print on Fabric, Non Woven bag, Plastic, Paper, weeding Card

  • Included components: 4 color screen printing machine with stand

Model : SP41-0422SM



1. Machine size: 35"X 18" 
2. Platen size: 18 X 24"
3. Arm Length: 9" inches
4. Frame Holder: 8" inches
5. T-shirt board: W 12" x L 16.5" inches
6. Max Screen thickness: 1.5" inches
7. Material Use: Iron Metal, Wooden composite board



This machine is specially designed for one color T-shirt screen printing because of its dedicated T-shirt pallet which can guarantee the accurate positioning and good printing effect.

It can also be applied to printing on substrates which need overprinting, such as pillowcase, bag, non-woven bags and so on. The user can only change the pallet according to the substrates to satisfy the needs of different kinds of printing and it is easy to dismantle the pallet.
Note: The screen frames are not included with the 1 color 1 station screen printer.



1. Table type and combinatorial design saves space and convenient for transportation.
2. Screen printing platen layer can rotate independently which is easy operated with higher efficiency.
3. Adjustable double-spring devices are available for screen frames of different weight.
4. Supporting device keeps the machine stable and in balance.
5. All-metal construction, advanced electrostatic spraying and electroplating, durable and easy to clean.
6. Equipped with full set of installation tools, for installation and operation.

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