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4colour singles tation Screen printing machine

4colour singles tation Screen printing machine

Product Description:

Name: Manual screen printing machine

Bed material: High-density wooden composite board

Structure: MS Iron

Station Handle: 1 No.

Color Handle: 4 No.

Adjustable Hight: No

Micro Adjustment: No

Changeable Bedplate: Yes

Colour handle connected with Plumer Bearing: No

Before and after moving of bedplate: 18 CM

Side movement of bedplate: .5 CM

Left and right moving of net frame: 20 CM

Chuck width: 10 CM

Move up and down: 4CM

weight :22kg

bedplate size :30.48 * 45.72 cm

packaging size :68*54*26 cm

It can be use for A4 paper print , in T-shirt, Invitation card, Jute or plastic carry bag and many more

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