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How to start a screen print business

In today's competitive market every business you want to start is required huge investment, time and manpower. Here one of the small micro level business you can start with a low investment and you can get a huge order from the market.

Now the question will come why I am telling this, because every small shop to small office they need customize print or customize product rapping but they can not bare expense of automatic large machine. Automatic large machine need huge volume of print. Here with a small investment manual machine can play a vital role.

If you want to start business with capital investment within 20000 to 100000 budget its possible. Here I am mentioning the list which is required to start screen print business.

1) One computer with graphics software(Not require if you have one DTP center nearby Location)

2) One manual screen print machine

3) One exposing unit

4) One drying Unit

5) Some Accessories and color

6) Good training on Screen print

Within the Accessories there have some more tools

1) Squeegees

2) Scoop Coater

3) Ink spoon

4) Screen print mesh and frame

5) Screen coating Emulation

6) Sensitizer, Decoding powder

7) Color as per the requirement( For different type of substance different color are require).

Many people think to acquire all above mention things are very challenging. Lots of people not able to find those some not able to chose the right one for them. This all accessories color are use for industrial purpose so those are not easily available in market.In competitive market you have to acquire raw material with a best price also. Then only you can able to establish your business. Don't worry we are here to help all the beginner. We can able to provide those all with a very low price.

So what you have to do?

Just you have to call or whats app to our contact no and rest is our responsibility.

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